Our prayer quilt ministry is part of an international organization, Prayers and Squares. It is the tangible evidence and a constant reminder of the prayers we pray for those who are going through significant difficulties. In truth, we cover them with our prayers.

Volunteers create the lap size quilts and place cotton thread ties in the quilt. Each prayer quilt has a cross on the back of it. After the quilt is blessed, quilts are placed on a table in the narthex along with information about the recipient and his or her prayer intentions. Parishioners are then encouraged to tie their prayers for the recipient into the quilt by tying a square knot, which also holds together the three layers of the quilt. The ties are then trimmed and the prayer quilt is presented to the recipient.  

We often tell someone that we will keep them in our prayers. But through the prayer quilt ministry, the recipient can be reminded, as they are going through difficult circumstances, of the prayers prayed for them. Each knot in the prayer quilt is the tangible evidence of the prayers prayers for them.

The prayer quilt ministry has three rules: 
1.The recipient must agree to accept the prayer quilt. 
2. They cannot pay for the prayer quilt.
 3. We must remember, it is not about the quilt; it is about the prayers.

Anyone may request a prayer quilt for anyone. The recipient need not be from Visitation Parish or even Catholic. 

To request a prayer quilt, please contact the parish office and they will contact a member of the prayer quilt ministry.

The Prayer Quilt Ministry volunteers meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 1-4PM in the lower level of the Parish Center. We welcome new volunteers and are happy to teach those who would like to learn how to make the quilts. 
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