Parish Pastoral Council

The Visitation Parish Pastoral Council functions as the chief consultative body to the Pastor and helps to provide a vision for the pastoral policy of the parish. The Council helps to evaluate current needs and programs and provides feedback and advice to the pastor. The Parish Council works together with the parish staff to further the goals of the parish. There are nine members on the Council, serving for three years with a renewable term, and are selected by a discernment/election process. Parish staff members may be asked to attend meetings in a consultative role.

Current members are: Mike Deardurff (President), Ted Augelli, Karen Stuefen, Joan Taylor, Anne Montgomery, Michele Koelle, and Paul Nemeth. 
Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council is an advisory group that assists the pastor in his administrative responsibilities through fiscally prudent management of parish finances and in the administration of parish goods and resources. Members of the Finance Council are selected by the Pastor, in consultation with the Parish Council, and are chosen based on their demonstrable skills or expertise in management and/or finance. Members serve for one three year term and the Pastor may ask them to serve a second term.

Current members are: Jim Collins, Elise Flynn, Terese Feeney, Bob Hannigan, Jerry Ostermann and Dan Welz. Debbie Johnson (Business Manager) serves as a consultant to the Council.
 School Board

Visitation School Board members serve as an advisory and consultative body for the Principal. The board advises the Principal in developing school policies, financial policies, public relations and evaluation of school programs. The board is not involved in reviewing administrative decisions, implementing school policy, personnel issues with faculty or students, nor school curriculum. There are nine appointed members serving three year terms.

Current members are: Jeff Harrison (President), Jean Lawrence (Vice President), Meredith Wisniewski, Allan Izzo, Jeannie Curtin, Bob Zwolinski, Nancy Sika, Sarah Tardiff, and Lea Smirniotis-Paulsen. 
Parish Faith Formation Board

The Parish Faith Formation Board serves as an advisory and consultative body for the Director of Parish Faith Formation. The board meets monthly (except during the summer). Current members are: Matt Pozen (Director of Parish Faith Formation), Jean Lawrence (co-chair), Karen Stueffen (co-chair), Rob Bennett, John Dwyer, David Felice, Kathy Fowler, Michele Koelle, Mary McCann, and Melanie Schneider.
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