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Barbara Masters, Music Director
(630) 834-8190

The spiritual value of the art of music is uniquely called to instill hope in the human spirit, so scarred and sometimes wounded by the earthly condition. There is a mysterious and deep kinship between music and hope, between song and eternal life.”

— Pope Benedict XI, April 24, 2008

Let God’s people sing praise!
Our Music Ministry at Visitation seeks to give musical voice to the prayers of our Parish through liturgical music that reflects the sweep of history of our Church and our Faith. We include treasures of our Sacred hymnody and Choral Music as well as more contemporary songs and psalms. The primary “Choir” at every mass is our congregation who responds with enthusiastic congregational singing. Chant is an integral part of our worship. We also have a Choral program which includes a 45-voice Adult Choir, Cantors, and three Youth Choirs and instrumentalists who provide musical leadership to our Liturgies.

Please view the choir-specific pages (links located under Music Ministry) to view general information and schedules for each choir.

I hope to hear all of you singing in the pews during Mass!

If you are interested in becoming part of our music ministry here at Visitation, please contact me for your personal interview.
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