Thank you for visiting our page. We would like to share information about our board members as well as our vision of Faith Formation and how we see that playing out at Visitation within the broader context of the Catholic Church.

Matt pozen, director OF PARISH faith formation

Role --- To work with the pastor and Parish Faith Formation Board (PFFB) to create and oversee a formation program that nourishes the faith of parishioners through all stages of life. As outlined by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), such a program should include all six dimensions of faith formation: knowledge of the faith, liturgical life, moral formation, prayer, communal life, and missionary spirit.

Board Members

Robert Bennett J
John Dwyer
Dave Felice
Michele Koelle
Jean Lawrence
Mary McCann
Matt Pozen, Director of Parish Faith Formation
Melanie Schneider
Karen Stuefen

The board meets monthly.  Please contact Matt Pozen ( ) or Robert Bennett ( ) with suggestions or questions.

Vision: Nourishing faith through all stages of life.

Mission: We view Faith Formation as a life long process from womb to tomb. Our mission is to build a community in the body of Christ by providing opportunities to learn Catholic teachings and history. We will nourish our faith life through intellectual and spiritual development with prayerful experiences focused on growth in living our faith, seeking to understand and follow God's will, sharing the Gospel messages of love and peace to ALL in need, touching hearts and minds, and drawing people closer to God.

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