The United States Council of Catholic Bishops has outlined Six Dimensions of Faith Formation, which we use to guide our goals and inform the planning of our events and speakers.

1. Knowledge of the Faith
Learning the scriptures and Church teachings and tradition.

2. Liturgical Life
Celebrating the Eucharist and daily prayer

3. Moral Formation
Understanding the 10 Commandments, Beatitudes, and the new commandment of Jesus to love one another as he has loved us.

4. Prayer
Become familiar with the diverse forms and expressions of Christian prayer, develop a pattern of personal prayer, engage in shared prayer.

5. Communal Life
Nurture married and family life and share in the life and work of the parish.

6. Missionary Spirit
Cultivate an evangelizing spirit, understand the importance of serving those in need and promoting the common good.

Spiritual Resources for Lent

Please take a moment to look at these wonderful opportunities to enhance your Lenten spiritual journey.

Lenten Moments of Mercy

Lent presents a wonderful time to reflect on themes of mercy, and Lenten Moments of Mercy aims to help. This daily e-mail series delivers fresh reflections based on the Scriptures of Lent, sharing the inspiring words of Pope Francis and suggesting Lenten actions and prayers.

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, take time each day for Lenten Moments of Mercy and prepare your heart for a new appreciation of the journey to Easter.

Sign up to receive the daily messages via e-mail from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

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Click on the button below to read Bishop Barron's daily Lenten message.
If you are looking for a great way to really participate in Lent this year, I've got just the thing! Matthew Kelly, founder of Dynamic Catholic, has created another Lenten journey for us to participate in through email. He started this last yer and it was such a great reminder of what we believe and what we are preparing for in those 40+ days of Lent. I have included a video link from last year's program on the Eucharist. 
Just click the "Lent box" above and ENJOY!
Below you will find a message from Dynamic Catholic and a link for you to sign up for free. Lent is fast approaching, so be sure to get signed up today!
Each day you will receive an inspirational email with short videos from Matthew Kelly and a member of our team. During the 40 days of Lent, they will share simple ways to bring Jesus into your everyday life.

We are excited to take this 40-day spiritual journey with you to encounter Jesus—and yourself—in a deeply personal way. Let’s make this your best Lent ever!I
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Dynamic Lent Ever

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